Yopa.com – is for sale

Asset registered: 1999 (25 years old)

* yopa.com does NOT offer any products or services.

YOPA.com is simply a premium pronounceable ultra short 4 letter (CVCV – consonant, vowel, consonant, vowel) domain that means absolutely nothing.

Yopa.com is a domain name — NOT a company.

What is a domain name?

Domain names are equivalent to digital real estate. It is an address online that identifies where a website resides. As the saying goes – location, location, location.


What is a .com domain name?

“The domain .com is a top-level domain (TLD) in the Domain Name System (DNS) of the Internet. Created in the first group of Internet domains at the beginning of 1985, its name is derived from the word commercial,[1] indicating its original intended purpose for subdomains registered by commercial organizations. Later, the domain opened for general purposes.”

Ultimately, a .com domain has a global presence and is by nature the most dominant and most well known among the TLD’s.


What is a ccTLD domain?

“A country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is an Internet top-level domain generally used or reserved for a country, sovereign state, or dependent territory identified with a country code”.

Therefore, a ccTLD is limited in scope and awareness among the general public.


ccTLD Examples:

.de – Germany

.us – United States

.fi – Finland

.se – Sweden

What is the most expensive domain name ever sold?

“The most expensive domain name ever sold has come to light — at $872 million. Yes, you read that right. Cars [.com] was valued at $872 million (we get that number from reading the SEC filing, courtesy of the parent company, Gannet Co., Inc.)”.


Some publicly reported domain sales:

CarInsurance [.com] — $49.7 million

Insurance [.com] — $35.6 million

VacationRentals [.com] — $35 million

PrivateJet [.com] — $30.18 million

Voice [.com] — $30 million

Internet [.com] — $18 million

360 [.com] — $17 million

Insure [.com] — $16 million

Chat [.com] — $15 million

Fund [.com] — £9.99 million

Sex [.com] — $14 million*

Sex [.com] — $13 million

Hotels [.com] — $11 million

Connect [.com] — $10 million

Shoes [.com] — $9 million

FB [.com] — $8.5 million

HealthInsurance [.com] — $8.1 million

WE [.com] — $8 million

Business [.com] — $7.5 million

Diamond [.com] — $7.5 million

Beer [.com] — $7 million

Z [.com] — $6.8 million

iCloud [.com] — $6 million

Israel [.com] — $5.8 million

Slots [.com] — $5.5 million

Casino [.com] — $5.5 million

Toys [.com] — $5.1 million

Clothes [.com] — $4.9 million

IG [.com] — $4.7 million

AV [.com] — $4.1 million

Ice [.com] — $3.5 million

Hippo [.com] — $3.3 million

Floor [.com] — $3.1 million

Help [.com] — $3 million

Asap [.com] — $3 million

Yolo [.com] — $3 million

Candy [.com] — $3 million

Tom [.com] — $2.5 million

Forge [.com] — $2.2 million

Vivo [.com] — $2.1 million

Wise [.com] — $2 million

Angel [.com] — $2 million

Freedom [.com] — $2 million

Exodus [.com] — $2 million

Dating [.com] — $1.8 million

Call [.com] — $1.6 million

Chill [.com] — $1.6 million

Eko [.com] — $1.5 million

Room [.com] — $1.5 million

Shift [.com] — $1.36 million

Meme [.com] — $1.25 million

Mojo [.com] — $1.25 million

Dudu [.com] — $1 million

Topix [.com] — $1 million

And that’s just a partial list!

* The sex [.com] domain name sold twice — Once in 2005 for $14 million and again in 2010 for $13 million.

https://www.godaddy.com/resources/skills/the-top-20-most-expensive-domain-names – (2022 article)

What do entrepreneurs say about domain names?

“We spent $400,000 on a web domain. Support Shepherd is now Somewhere. Turns out nobody can remember Support Shepherd, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, and even really smart people spell it incorrectly over and over.”

— Nick Huber, Owner of Somewhere (Somewhere .com)

“Especially in the health space and the vitamin category, buying an incredible domain was just another indicator of trust and was really important. And, I’m so glad we ended up doing that.”

— Kate Rinamarkov, CEO of Ritual (Ritual .com)

“If you have a US startup called X and you don’t have X [.com], you should probably change your name. The problem with not having the .com of your name is that it signals weakness. Unless you’re so big that your reputation precedes you, a marginal domain suggests you’re a marginal company.”

— Paul Graham, Co-Founder of startup incubator, Y Combinator


Why I Spent $1.5 Million on Our Domain

“When I worked with Aaron Patzer at mymint [.com] I was vehemently against him buying Mint [.com]. I didn’t think customers would care. “It only matters that you have a great service and product,” younger Noah said. “Fortunately, Aaron was the founder and gave 3 percent of the company to acquire the domain. At the closing sale of Mint [.com], that was worth $8.1 million. That’s how important the domain was to Aaron. To his credit, which domain would you trust more: Mint [.com], which sounds like a trusted finance company, or Wesabe [.com], which sounds like an ecommerce fetish site?”

— Noah Kagan, Founder & CEO of Sumo (Sumo .com)


“One of the best investments you can make early on is a solid .com domain name. They’re not cheap, but they’re an asset that pays unquantifiable dividends down the line…. they stamp authority, allow you to build trust with your customers faster (all else being equal) and typically convert better from paid digital through to checkout/sale”.

— Harry Hurst, CEO & Founder of Pipe (Pipe .com)

“2 years ago, GetEmails was stuck at $8M ARR and I was burnt out. I brought on an adviser who had built huge companies before and he helped me reset. Then we rebranded to Retention [.com] and spent $800k on the domain. Now, we’re at $20M, on the path to $50M ARR.” 

— Adam Robinson, CEO and Founder of Retention (Retention .com)

“Ultra-premium Domain Names like these can help a company achieve instant brand recognition, ignite a business, and massively accelerate value creation.”

— MicroStrategy CEO, Michael J. Saylor (Sold the domain Voice .com for $30 million)


“We are trying to build a brand that becomes known with fun, productive, creative work environments. So, if you know you want to build something over the long term then having a domain is critical”.

— Brian Chen, CEO & Co-Founder of Room (Room .com)

“Reputation: Does the display URL end with .com (similarly for .net, .org, .edu)? How long is it? How many segments are in the display URL (e.g., books.com is generally better than books.something.com)? Does it contain dashes or numbers? Because good, short, .com domain names (such as single word names) can be expensive, some of these features can be seen also as estimating how well-established and/or large the advertiser is”.

— Microsoft report on advertising click through rates


“It’s actually worth it. You know. It is worth it, right? Because when you show up with a baller domain name, people are like, how did you get that domain name? It’s baller. … But do you get the sense they’re thinking it?”.

– Conversation with angel investor Jason Calacanis & David Rogier, CEO & Founder of MasterClass (MasterClass .com)

“When we founded the company in 2016, securing the domain Fair [.com] was anything but easy. However, very quickly we saw great returns with respect to customer recognition, service adoption, website exposure, and SEO.

— Scott Painter, CEO & Founder of Fair (Fair .com)

“The new name Diapers [.com] made the company more efficient, because it had to spend less money to acquire new business.”

— Leonard lodish, Director for Diapers .com, which started as 1-800-diapers (sold to Amazon)

Is Yopa.com for sale?

Yes, but it is not cheap. We own a portfolio of ultra-premium digital assets and do not have to sell. One sale every 3-4 years of our top-tier caliber is more than enough to keep the lights on, and some. Plus, holding costs for even the best .com domains on the planet are a forgettable $10 a year. So hypothetically keeping them in company or private hands forever is more common than you may think.

The world’s largest brands own thousands, with reportedly Unilever leading the pack.


Because domains are digital assets, not a marketing expense (even though you should market them). They have inherent value on their own and can be resold. With the right name, they can bring instant global credibility, even to a small team or individual. And, in the hands of a large talented team – world domination. That’s a pretty savvy way to expand your business and take over new markets, if you haven’t already. They are proven to have higher click through rates when paired with online advertising, plus well documented SEO advantages. Memorable domains such as YOPA.com easily pass the “radio test”. And specifically, with .com’s unmatched throne atop the now more than 1,500 domain extensions, and counting – it’s easier to rise above the noise, and Google search results.


Yopa.com is one of our most inquired domain assets.

Historically, for countless years, every low offer has been denied.

If you are a serious buyer and understand the requirements, the transaction would be processed via Escrow.com. “Over $5 billion of transactions protected with Escrow.com”. They were used to acquire Uber [.com], Gmail [.com], Snapchat [.com] and countless other ultra-premium domains.



Payment plans would be considered, but only with a 25% minimum down payment and a short term. During this time, you will have full usage of the domain as it will be in holding by Escrow.com until your last payment (then transfered to you).

Why so strict?

Long-term owners of premium global .com ultra short 2-4 letter pronounceable and one-word domains are inundated with unlimited requests for purchase from the Middle East to Kansas, year after year. Oh, the immense stories we hear. Whether it’s – “I’m a student starting a project, can I have this for $100?” or, “I am the only person in the world that would want your domain, you better sell it to me” or, “I can get a better domain for $10, why won’t you sell it to me instead?” or, “I started a company (in – Timbuktu), therefore I own the rights to your domain (even though it was registered decades before and there are 45 different trademark classes)” or, “Can we do a domain trade with myincrediblycrappydomain [.sucks]”, or “How dare you ask for so much” or, “You’re pretty much terrible for owning this (even though you want to own it yourself)” or, what can only be described as certified random hate mail.

We hear it all. 

Guess what, it’s very annoying, sometimes disturbing, and mostly a waste of time. This is why most eventual purchasers of prime digital real estate often have an elaborate acquisition story starting with how they chased a company or person down for years, only to receive absolutely no response. Complete silence. With finally an out of the blue reply like, “you’re lucky I even checked this, I usually ignore my emails”.

Consider the point of view of the owner.

Imagine a stranger knocking on your front door and offering you a few thousand dollars for your lovely home. Then when you say “no, thank you”, they immediately start name calling or threatening you. But this is the internet, therefore people feel empowered to get weird. Now imagine this happening multiple times a month, because we are talking about a highly desirable global facing digital asset. Especially, one that is pronounceable, mindshare sticky, easy to spell, and can be used as a brand for nearly any industry. From one vantage point, this is a great problem to have. From another, it’s a complete and total headache.

This is a long-winded way of saying:

If you desire to acquire – Yopa.com – don’t be weird.

After years of genuinely interested parties inquiring (with healthy budgets), we have decided to add some more context about why we have been saying NO for so long (or not responding), what the domain acquisition price expectation is, and broadly, why committed visionary entrepreneurs choose this path to accelerate their businesses into upper echelon status by making a digital savvy investment in an elite (non-limiting) .com domain asset.

To stand out, simply, email us with your offer in the subject line.

Have a great day, and stay kind!

Best regards,


Domain Asset For Sale